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Bestseller 12X12 Shed
Duramax ECO 10' x 10' Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Garden Shed - Green with Off-White Trimmings - 15 Years Warranty
  • 0.33mm Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel for Durable Corrosion Protection
  • Strong Metal Roof Truss & Structure that can carry 12 lbs/sq. ft. of Snow
  • Gable Roof Design with Air Vents on both sides for Better Air Ventilation
  • All-weather Durable Metal Garden Shed that Provides Rust-free & Great Dent Resistance
  • External Dimensions (WxDxH): 322 x 302 x 196 cm; Internal Dimensions (WxDxH): 309 x 283 x 165 cm
Bestseller 12X12 Shed
Mira Timber Log Cabin Shed 3.88m x 2.98m, 28mm
  • Log cabin shed summerhouse 3.88m x 2.98m , 28mm T
Bestseller 12X12 Shed
Duramax ECO 10' x 10' Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Garden Shed - Anthracite with Off-White Trimmings - 15 Years Warranty
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel for durable corrosion protection
  • Gable roof design with 2 air vents for better air ventilation
  • Reinforced groove wall provide greater strength
  • Ready to assemble with pre-cut holes & material
  • 10 years limited warranty
Bestseller 12X12 Shed
  • SHED & GREENHOUSE BASE 4m x 2.5m TO SUIT 12x8 OR 13x8 FEET garden buildings - shed & greenhouse or summer house base grids & membrane sheet included
  • Eco base grids, for bases, ground stability paths, patios & driveways
  • shed bases or grass or gravel bases driveways & car parks
  • Pathway stability for wheel chairs, buggies and scooters etc
DISCOUNTBestseller 12X12 Shed
Duramax (30214-1) 10 x 8 Feet V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed - Ivory/Brown
  • All weather durable long lasting and maintenance free vinyl
  • Won’t rust, rot, dent or mildew; Never needs painting
  • Door with lockable handle; Easy Assembly
  • Tall walk in shed (73 inch tall); Wide Double Doors (61 Inch wide x 71 Inch tall)
  • Includes 3 windows (2 in the front & one in the right side) and a foundation kit

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Best 12X12 Shed
Duramax ECO 10' x 10' Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Garden Shed - Green with Off-White Trimmings - 15 Years Warranty
  • 0.33mm Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel for Durable Corrosion Protection
  • Strong Metal Roof Truss & Structure that can carry 12 lbs/sq. ft. of Snow
Best 12X12 Shed
Mira Timber Log Cabin Shed 3.88m x 2.98m, 28mm
  • Log cabin shed summerhouse 3.88m x 2.98m , 28mm T

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Wmdtr Simple Chinese Style Outdoor Indoor Wall Lamp Aluminum+Acrylic Wall Light,Black LED Waterproof Creative Sconces for Villa Corridor Garage Patio
  • 1. [Comfort color temperature] Suitable for cold light in living room, bedroom, staircase, balcony, bar kitchen, kindergarten, study, office, restaurant, hotel, shop, cafe, etc.
  • 2. [High quality] - The whole lamp is made of acrylic and pure aluminum, the appearance is more beautiful, the advanced. 12W high brightness LED, the wall life is up to 30,000 hours.
New 12X12 Shed
Cabinet PullsDoor Pull Handle Knob Steel for Kitchen Cupboard Wardrobe Cabinet DrawerKnobs & Handles (Size:S; Color:Black)
  • Ideal for Decorate and Make a New Look of your Cupboard, Cabinet, Wardrobe, Drawer, and other Furnitures, New Installation or Replacing Damaged/Broken Cup Pull Handles.
  • The slick and smooth surface allows for a comfortable grip in your hand.

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