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Best Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
MQSS Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit and Stand Outside, Trapeze Yoga Kit Aerial Yoga Swing Set Antigravity Ceiling Hanging Yoga Sling Wide Flying Yoga Inversion Toolpink
  • 【AERIAL SILKS KIT for HOME CHEAP】Our yoga swing has a load-bearing capacity up to 450 pounds, which ensures your safety. Equipped with durable carabiners and high-strength daisy chain increases its stability and ensures that you can use it more assured.
  • 【Improved Physical Function】Yoga swing can stretch your spine and reduce the discomfort caused by long-term work. Also, it can eliminate muscle stress and relieve fatigue. Help you restore your vitality quickly and improve immunity.
  • 【AERIAL SILKS with STAND】This yoga swing is easy to set up, you can just hang it in a doorframe, swing it over an exposed beam (in a lofted room, patio, or garage), hang from a swing set/playground, tie it to a tree branch or even hang from a piece of gym equipment.
  • 【AERIAL SILKS KIT】For your safety, please choose to hang above the flat ground, and the distance between the swing and the ground should not be too high.
  • 【AERIAL YOGA HAMMOCK MOUNTING KIT】Hold on to your long yoga posses with utmost comfort and without any fatigue. Our Durable aerial yoga silk uses a unique heavy duty multi-loop daisy chains. The big sized handles allow for a soft and ergonomic grip.
Best Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
E-Bestar 10M Premium Aerial Silks Equipment Aerial Yoga Hammock Set Yoga Set Safe Deluxe Aerial Kit Antigravity yoga Swing Aerial Silk (Multi color-B)
  • Material: Durable Low Stretch Fabric (Nylon)
  • Dimensions Hammock: About 10M / 2.8M (L / B)
  • Load-Bearing: 350 Kg
  • Application: Indoor: 1, Durable Roof (No Ceiling), 2, Stable Shelf
  • Outdoor: 1, Stable Shelf, 2, Tree
Best Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
JIALFA Aerial Yoga Swing Set - Ultra Strong Antigravity Yoga Hammock- Aerial Trapeze Kit - Sling for Antigravity Yoga Inversion Exercises - Mounting Accessories Included (Dark purple)
  • Soft and Durable: this yoga swing is made of breathable parachute nylon fabric, create comfort touch feeling. Double premium material layer is strong enough with 550lbs load capacity.The Triple stitched designed swing seat provides you more safety and stability on it.
  • Foam Padded Handles: 3 training belts with 3 foam handles on both sides,non-slip grips give you more support and pressure-release on your hand,wrists,even elbows.It can be adjusted to any various heights that your need, or any angles that help you to achieve your posture.
  • Full Body Workout: great for practicing backbends, splits, inversions, stretching and more postures, ideal for developing core strength, Instant Pain Relief in minutes, improving core and upper body functions and full body strength. Also peace of mind you will get after persistently yoga exercise.
  • Accessories Included: 2 extension straps included to shorten the height to the ground, you can install and adjust the trapeze according to your needs. 2 ceiling hooks & 8 bolts equipped,that you can install the yoga swing no need additional accessories purchase.
  • Easy Setup: the yoga hammock can be easily setup at home or hung outdoor by beam. 1 free carring bag you'll get to bring your yoga swing for camping, travel or beach, and yard. bring it to your camping or traveling with a carrying bag, it would help you to be more closer to the nature.
Best Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
E-Bestar Premium Aerial Silks Equipment Aerial Silk Yoga Set Aerial Yoga Hammock Set Safe Deluxe Aerial Kit Antigravity yoga Swing (sakura pink)
  • Material: Durable Low Stretch Fabric (Nylon).Dimensions Hammock: About 5M / 2.8M (L / W). Load-Bearing: 350 Kg.
  • Package Included1X Yoga Hammock(5*2.8M /L*W)2X Carabiners For Hanging2X Daisy Chains For Extending(105Cm*1.5Cm)
  • Note:Not To Be Too High Off The Ground, Pay Attention To Personal Safety
  • Application: Indoor: 1, Durable Roof (No Ceiling), 2, Stable Shelf, Outdoor: 1, Stable Shelf, 2, Tree
  • Directions: As Yoga Mat, Swing Or Hammock, Aerial Silk, It Is A Wonderful Equipment For Dancers, Yoga Or Pilates
Best Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
Premium Aerial Silks Equipment Aerial Yoga Hammock Set Aerial Silk Yoga Set Safe Deluxe Aerial Kit Antigravity yoga Swing (Purple)
  • Material: Durable Low Stretch Fabric (Nylon)
  • Dimensions hammock: about 5m / 2.8m (L / B); Load-bearing: 350 kg
  • Delivery including: 1 * Yoga hammock, 2 x Screw-Lock Carabiners (Max Breaking Load: 23K), 2 x extended band (90cm length), 2 * Hanging disc (including 4 expansion bolts), The picture will show )
  • Application: Indoor: 1, Durable Roof (no ceiling), 2, stable shelf; Outdoor: 1, stable shelf, 2, Tree
  • Directions: As yoga mat, swing or hammock, Aerial Silk, It is a wonderful Equipment for dancers, yoga or Pilates


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New Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
ZWL Yoga Hammock Decompression Aerial Yoga Swing Yoga Silk,1#
  • - Superior strength and durability.- Easy to carry and pack.
  • - Easy to be cleaned and dry quickly after being wet.
  • - Triple telescopic buckle, Adjust to the appropriate position according to your actual situation.
  • - 210T Nylon fabric material, wear resistance, anti-tearing, intolerance dirty, soft and comfortable when exercise on it.
  • - Anti-gravity aerial yoga hammock, a good helper for you to do anti-gravity yoga exercises, decompression inversion, swing.
New Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
New Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
New Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
STARCLOCK High-Altitude Aerial Yoga Hammock, Home Professional Yoga Hammock Indoor, Colorful Cloth Sling To Perforate Yoga Studio, 5M Full Set of Accessories,Green,5m
  • [Advanced material]: The aerial yoga hammock is made of high-quality 45 high-quality silk threads and weft threads, with bright colors, bright colors, and durable. It provides you with sufficient silk touch and high-quality materials with sufficient carrying capacity. The load capacity can reach 900 kg.
  • [Humanoid aerial hammock]: It conforms to your body contour and provides a wider width. You will feel a slight natural stretch, but not too much. Therefore, the anti-gravity yoga swing is suitable for both beginners and advanced aerial Pilates. Yoga practitioners are a good choice.
  • [Function]: Using this aerial yoga hammock to do yoga can adjust the physical balance, eliminate internal tension and carry out mental training; it can stretch the spine, prevent and treat the pain caused by long-term posture and fatigue, and reduce the spine The stress and relieve muscle tension, eliminate body stiffness and fatigue, and help you quickly regain vitality.
  • [Benefits of Ladder Yoga] Aerial Yoga can help relieve pain or pressure in the neck, spine and back, and improve hand strength through handstand treatment. The aerial silk hammock is also an innovative new tool that can provide a safe and fun way for yoga lovers. In addition, a yoga hammock is a great way to take yoga to a new level.
  • [Healthy and Happy Gift]: The hammock aerial yoga swing allows you to share the happiness of floating in the air with your family and friends; enjoy spinal decompression reversal therapy or comfortable swing therapy.
New Ariel Yoga Hammock Kit
BAFEYU Aerial Yoga Hammock Silk Yoga Swing 5m x 2.8mYoga Set Safe Deluxe Aerial Kit for Improved Flexibility & Core Strength
  • 【Material】: Durable Low Stretch Fabric (Nylon).
  • 【Dimensions hammock】: about 5m / 2.8m (L / B).
  • 【Application: Indoor】: 1, Durable Roof (no ceiling), 2, stable shelf; Outdoor: 1, stable shelf, 2, Tree.
  • 【Delivery including】: Fixed plate x2, carabiner x2, daisy rope x2, expansion screw x8.
  • 【Directions】: As yoga mat, swing or hammock, Aerial Silk, It is a wonderful Equipment for dancers, yoga or Pilates.


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