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Latest Plastic Patio Chair Feet
Project Patio 1-1/2" Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio Furniture Glides Inserts Feet End Caps for Tables and Chairs (24-Pack) - Instructions Provided
  • Size - These outdoor wrought iron patio chair glides are made to pressure fit into the "cup" area of your outdoor furniture feet with a “inside” diameter of 1-1/2". Measure your “inside” diameter before ordering to make sure you purchase the correct size. See product images for correct application.
  • Non-scratching - Replacement outdoor chair leg cap floor protectors will not leave marks on your patio surface.
  • Protects - Prevents damage to your patio surface, patio chair feet and patio legs while providing smoother movement of your furniture.
  • Quality - UV resistant patio furniture feet caps that will provide years of use.
  • Package includes - 24 outdoor patio furniture chair cap replacement feet.
Latest Plastic Patio Chair Feet
1-1/2" Heavy Duty Plastic Patio Cups, Patio Chair Glides Replacement (48-Pack) for Outdoor Wrought Iron Furniture Legs – Help Shield Both Furnitures and The Floor – for Up to 12 Chairs or Tables
  • Our replacement glides are perfect for wrought iron furniture that have 1-1/2-inch INNER DIAMETER on the bottom of the feet for less cost from the OEM yet is made of premium, heavy duty plastic, improving the part’s life span by at least 50%. Please make sure to measure the actual furniture before your purchase.
  • Value-Pack: You are getting 48 packs from the package, which is the best value on market right now. The glides tend to break over time so it’s good to have spare units on hand whenever needed. Our 48-pack is good for up to 12 chairs or tables.
  • Easy Installation: The only tool you might need is a flat head screwdriver that removes the old, broken ones from the furniture, please do not use hammer when installing the replacement. It takes less than 1 minute to replace one chair.
  • Don’t wait! Replace the worn-out glides today to help shield both furniture and the floor.
  • 30 Day Money Back - Any reason you are not happy with your purchase? No problem, we offer 30-day money back policy so you can shop with worry free!
Latest Plastic Patio Chair Feet
32 Pack of 1.5” Patio Furniture Glides/Feet/Caps for Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture – Protect Your Floor Surfaces from Scratches, Replacement for Eight Chairs (with 4 Legs), Easy to Install Impresa
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Our wrought iron chair glides have a diameter of 1.5” and are designed to fit most pieces of common patio furniture. They are easily installed using a rubber hammer or mallet. No adhesives required.
  • KEEP FLOORS PROTECTED: These wrought iron chair glides provide the much-needed cushion to protect your floors from permanent damage. Say goodbye to nasty scratches on your patio floors.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: Our 32 pack of patio chair glides is enough for 8 chairs (with 4 legs each). These durable leg cushions will last for seasons to come.
  • PERFECT FIT: Designed with weep holes that perfectly fit the leg of most patio chairs and stools (1.5”) and prevent moisture build-up that may cause rust on your wrought iron tables or chairs. Please measure the diameter of the wrought iron cup area where the glide will be installed (see infographic in images).
  • MADE TO LAST: Our wrought iron furniture glides are made with UV resistant outdoor-ready plastic that can endure whatever weather may come. Spend less time replacing your chair glides and enjoy more time relaxing.
Latest Plastic Patio Chair Feet
1-1/2" Wrought Iron Chair Glide | White | Pack of: 25
  • These wrought iron chair glides fit a 1-1/2" inside diameter cup on patio furniture feet.
  • Protects your patio surface, patio chair feet and patio legs from damage.Provides a smoother movement of furniture, allowing patio furniture to slide over the surface of your patio.
  • Always scrape away any worn metal or remains of old cap- Before measuring and installing.
  • Glide installs inside the metal cup on the bottom of the chair or table. Be sure to measure the inner diameter of the cup area to purchase the corect glide.
  • Beware of imitations with lesser quality from other suppliers.
Latest Plastic Patio Chair Feet
Prescott Plastics 1 Inch Square Plastic Plug, Tubing Post End Cap, Chair Glide (20)
  • Fits 1" (One Inch) Od Square Tubing (1X1) With Inside Hole Diameters (Id) From 3/4" To 15/16" (75" - .93") and wall thickness of .042" - .122" (10-20 Gauge)
  • These high-grade Prescott Plastics black ribbed plugs work great for preventing scuffs on wood floor or as protection glides on chair tips, bench feet, table legs, bar stool foot sliders, chair leg protectors, patio furniture inserts, and much more. They are also designed to hold up against impact abuse, and harsh weather conditions.
  • Easy to install 1"x1" snap in plugs serve as a long-lasting solution for many household or outdoor projects including replacements for fence/fencing railing posts, gate rail post covers, trailer frame ends, pole pipe rod caps, metal bike rack fittings, wrought iron steel finishing plugs, or any sqaure opening.

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