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Outsunny Garden Raised Bed Planter Grow Containers for Outdoor Patio Plant Flower Vegetable Pot PP 120 x 90 x 30 cm
  • 120 X 90CM: Plenty of growing room, can hold a large amount of soil and is deep enough for long-rooted plants.
  • EXCELLENT FOR GROWING: Keeps weeds away from the inside soil, drains efficiently and defends your plants from pests etc.
  • VERSATILE: Can be used to grow plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers and more, giving them their own stylish spot to flourish.
  • TOUGH STRUCTURE: Made of durable PP plastic, fixed together with screws - suitable for outdoor use. Simple, yet beautiful.
  • DIMENSIONS: 30H x 120L x 90Wcm. Planting area: 86L x 117Wcm. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.
Bestseller Raised Garden Bed Soil
Becko Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric, 80g Heavy Duty Foldable Horticultural Pad for Raised Bed, Ground Cover, Soil Erosion Control, UV Resistant (4 ft x 100 ft)
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Becko Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric is constructed by hydrophilic non-woven fabric which lets water and air go through easily, thus keeping the soil moist and reducing soil erosion. Low in cost but free of toxic chemicals, this product not only safeguards your plants, but also makes a perfect alternative to traditional herbicides.
  • UV RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY - Processed with special anti-UV technology, the fabric can effectively slows down the degradation speed, making the product more durable. Also easy to be cleaned and reused. Heavy duty material which weighs only 80 grams per square meter also effectively inhibits weeds from growing.
  • EASY TO USE - Clean up the weeds and flatten the soil,trim an X-shaped pattern of the right size so that the plant can barely get through. Then cover the soil with the fabric by getting the plant through the “X” pattern. Adorned with leaves and cobblestones to make your courtyard look more artistic.
  • MULTIPLE USE - Besides high efficiency in weeding, the weed barrier can also be employed to cover the sidewalks, not only preventing the sidewalks from being blocked by weeds, but also keeping the courtyard clean. Separating soil and plants with the weed barrier can reduce the weeds’ influence on the growth of vegetables, fruit, flowers, etc. Can also be tailored into the shape of flowerpot for easy garden operations.
  • SIZE OF PRODUCT - Measures 4 × 100ft, can be tailored freely into required length and width. Applies to all gardens, courtyards and planting beds. Four stakes for fixing the fabric are enclosed. Becko’s quality assurance — if you have any question upon the arrival of the product, please contact our customer service.
Bestseller Raised Garden Bed Soil
unho Raised Bed for Vegetables, Wood Raised Garden Bed Elevated Planter Box Flower Bed Kit for Growing Fruits Vegetables Herb 106x106x20CM
  • Match Soil to Plants - Using a raised bed for growing vegetables allows you to control the soil quality and prevent it from becoming compacted. Fill the beds with soil customized to plants that allows your plants to flourish. For example, do you want to grow blue hydrangeas? Mix a soil acidifier into the soil prior to planting.
  • Plant More with Large Space - This raised planter box has large volume: S 128L (7811 cubic inches), L 224.72L ( 13713 cubic inches). Their generous size allows you to plant a small patch of cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, fennel in backyard, roses, carnations, flowers, herbs, and vegetables just about anywhere outdoors. Open-bottomed frame allow vegetable roots can grow unimpeded.
  • Solid & Sturdy Structure - Raised garden beds is constructed of solid pine wood material, which is untreated, so it is safe to grow fruit, herbs, or vegetables. Pine wood is naturally moisture-resistant, insect-repellent, and rot-averse and will fit into any environment. It’s sturdy and weatherproof structure is built to last for years to come. Slot design can connect parts tightly.
  • Avoid Soil Compaction - When you walk on the ground, you compact the soil, which is not good for airflow. A raised bed garden doesn’t get stepped on, so the soil isn’t compacted as much. Therefore, the roots get more moisture and oxygen they need.
  • Smooth Surface - The corners and surface of raised planter are polished, no burrs hence it won’t scratch fingers. No paint, no odor, natural color and texture promise it is breathable, good ventilation good for plant’s growth. Besides, it allows you paint at will, DIY unique color, make your garden stands out!
Bestseller Raised Garden Bed Soil
Mobile Raised Metal Planter Elevated Garden Bed for Backyard, Patio W/Wheels, Lower Shelf, 38x16x32in, Dark Grey
  • BUILT-IN WHEELS: 2 wheels on one side and a handle bar on the other make it easy to move this garden bed from one area to another; 2-wheel composition also ensures a sturdier fixture than 4-wheel beds
  • SUFFICIENT BED SPACE: Store plenty of soil in a plant bed that stretches approximately 38 inches long, providing enough space for plants, vegetables, and herbs to grow to their full potential
  • DURABLE, COMPACT DESIGN: Crafted entirely of scratch-resistant, powder-coated metal, with a space-saving design ideal for placement on your balcony or other small spaces around your home
  • STORAGE SHELF: Place soil bags, pots, and more on the ventilated storage shelf at the bottom of the garden bed; a pair of hooks are built into the side for easy access to tools and other accessories
  • DRAINAGE HOLE: Help prevent root rot and maintain the perfect amount of hydration for your soil and plants with a drainage hole on each end of the bed - located diagonally from each other for balanced draining; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 37.5"(L) x 15.75"(W) x 31.5"(H); Weight Capacity: 100 lbs.
Bestseller Raised Garden Bed Soil
Yarnow 2Pcs Fabric Raised Garden Bed Square Garden Flower Grow Bag Vegetable Planting Planter Pot for Plants Flowers Vegetables - Size L
  • The only authentic store: Kenralic. square planting bag, Designed to allow roots to breathe, release heat naturally prevent root circling. Easily drainage of water.
  • The only authentic store: Kenralic. square planting bag, Reusable, lightweight, economical and practical to use. Perfect for using in your home balcony, garden or other places.
  • The only authentic store: Kenralic. square planting bag, Perfect Solution for limited garden space, poor garden soil.
  • The only authentic store: Kenralic. square planting bag, Fabric Grow Containers can be used for soil or hydroponic applications both indoors and outdoors
  • The only authentic store: Kenralic. square planting bag, Easy to use: unfold, fill and grow. Ideal for an herb garden, small flower garden or vegetables.

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6 Pack Jumbo Pansy Bedding Pack Mix - Winter & Spring Colour. Blooming Outdoor Flowers. Large Garden Ready Plants for Baskets, Beds, Pots & Containers. Mixed Coloured Pansies. F1 Evo Matrix Variety.
  • 🟨 Fantastic Plants – The Garden Pansy is a is a type of large-flowered hybrid plant cultivated as a garden flower. These popular plants often flower when other plants are dormant. They are cheerful, blooming flowers, among the first of the season to offer winter color in many areas. Pansies are most frequently seen as winter bedding, although you can also flower plants in the summer.
  • 🟥 Container Planting – These plants will make a fantastic container display. Fill with a good quality multi-purpose compost, keeping it 10cm from the top of the rim. The plants can be a little closer together in winter, but these are large so we recommend 3-4 plants per container (depending on size). Plant the root ball deep, so the top is level with the compost. Enjoy all winter long!
New Raised Garden Bed Soil
Vegetable Flower Planting Container Bag for Balcony Garden
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required, just add soil, add plants, seedlings or seeds and water, make planting more easy. When the growing season is over, simply empty the soil out of the fabric bag and pack it away.
  • If you have no place to grow vegetable, this fabric garden bed is the best choice. Just put it in your terrace, patio, yard and fill with new soil. Plant your vegetables, flowers etc.

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