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Car Seat Cushion Air/ Water Inflatable Chair Pad Breathable Cover, for Office Chair, Car Seat, Wheelchair, and Daily Use, Sciatica Back Pain Relief (Black)
  • Live Healthier, Sit Comfortably: We spend more than 60% of the time on sitting, more than 9 hours per a day on average. In this case, the spine, buttocks and thighs are responsible for supporting the entire upper body. If the pressure is too much, it is easily cause disc herniation, sciatica, tailbone pain, back pain, acne, obesity and etc. Our air inflatable Seat Cushion is the solution to help you decompress and be cool. Great for car seat, office chair, etc.
  • Reduce Sitting Pressure: With multiple air convection technology, 42 plump airbags can help you reduce the stress on your spine, buttocks and thighs. When the airbag receives the squeeze, the gas flows to each other, producing a uniformly pressurized "anti-gravity" effect. This process can buffer the vertical pressure of more than 1/3 of the body weight, greatly reducing the load and pressure of the tail vertebra. Support for long time driving.
  • Full Support, Shape your Body: Say NO to flat butt! The venting holes of the bumps form a unique support force to prevent the hip muscles from spreading. Dispersing the pressure from the point line surface, it is not easy to form a flat hip, thus shaping the natural beautiful buttocks. Also relieve your tailbone pressure pain and promote blood circulation. Say goodbye to stiff and sore after long time sitting.
  • Water Cool Down: In addition to aeration, this air seat cushion also innovatively uses a water injection design, which is specifically designed for long-distance driving/sedentary people. It has been found by experiments that it can effectively help to cool down and disperse heat, so that you can stay away from sweat.
  • Premium Cushion Material: This seat cushion adopts high-quality lycra and polyester fabrics which can be in direct contact with the skin. The fabric is smooth and comfortable, with good wrinkle resistance and shape retention. Comfortable and breathable fabric with bottom non-slip silicone dots design makes this cushion more reliable.
Latest Water Cushion
Air water cushion (Gray Color) Inflatable Wheelchair Driver Car Cushion Preventing Bedsore Office Driver Seat Cushion
  • Air Water Inflatable Wheelchair Driver Car Cushion
  • Size : approx 18 x 16 x 3.1 inches
  • Color : Gray color
  • For release pressure by long time sitting in a chair, wheelchair, car.
  • For prevention of sweat accumulation on the buttocks.
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NERLMIAY Cool Ice Pillows Cushion,Water Filling Ice Cushion Chair Pad,Pet Cushion,Summer Ice Pad,Ice Packs,Beaches Cushion,Car Cushion,Office Cushion (Size:17.7x17.7)
  • Water pillow,chiroflow water pillow
    1.Function:water filling ice Cushion,lower the temperture,Automatic Cooling,summer essentials,It's all you need for a nice cool summer.
  • Col pack ice pack,2.Feature:Water Cushion
  • Ice wrap,3.Size:17.7*17.7 inches,Weight: 0.30kg
  • Ice mat,4.Suitable for Baby,Children,Student,Office,Car,Travel,Pets,Beaches
  • 5.High quality ice crystals and polyester material,soft skin-friendly and Durable.
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SONGVEN Washable Seat Cushion 18.9 x 18.9 inches Water-Filled Chair Cushion Waterproof Seat Pads Relieves Back Pain Car Seat Cushion Comfort Car Seat Pad Soft Chair Pad
  • WATER FILLING DESIGN:this water filling seat cushion is not just soft and comfortable , but also gives you comfort and support when you sit for a very long time . no matter you are driving or sitting in the office or at home , this water seat cushion can release Pelvic pressure and lumbar pain, sciatica,back pain,hip pain , it also can release the prostate conditions.
  • WATER FORCE: As a seat cushion the secret of pain relief is balance pressure on bottom.About balance pressure,nothing can do better than water ,it is the basic law of Physics in textbook. when you sit on this water cushion you are siting on a piece of water ,your weight is perfectly distributed evenly .it will greatly reduce the pressure on bottom .
  • WIDELY USED: you can take it with you anywhere ,in your home such as kitchen, dining room , bedroom ,or in your car ,office , even the meeting room . no matter you are at home, or travelling,Hiking,you can take it with to provide you a super comfortable cushion even on the ground directly .the water in the Cushion will provide good heat dissipation & keep bottom cooling for a long time in hot summer. So Say goodbye to eczema & stuffiness on bottom.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: this seat cushion is made of high quality PVC composite cloth. No fading ,Non-toxic,waterproof ,more importantly it is machine washable , when coffee , oil ,milk ,tea ,wine even cream cake gets on this cushion accidentally. just leave it in washing machine or rinse it under the tap . the stains will be cleared .
  • HIGH QUALITY :this seat cushion can take over 220kg weight , and the high quality PVC composite cloth is super durable . Staying clean and fresh for a long time .more importantly . If this seat cushion have any quality problems, just contact us by email, we would replace any defective ones for you. All emails will be replied within 12 hours . Please feel free to send us an email at anytime . we will be very happy to help .
Latest Water Cushion
Ice Cushion Cool Ice Pillows Cushion,Water Filling Ice Cushion Chair Pad,Pet Cushion,Summer Ice Pad,Ice Packs,Beaches Cushion,Car Cushion,Office Cushion (14x14inch)
  • FUNCTION:Water filling ice pillow,Lower the temperture,This seat cushion cooling effect lasts 4-6 hours.
  • Material: PVC composite cloth; Filling material: ice crystal
  • Multifunctional, it can be used as office cushion, car cushion, cooler for notebook.
  • Cool and durable, thick design to ease the buttocks muscle pressure.
  • Cooling effect is very obvious and fast.; The product has a health function, no damage to human body.

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